A Newsletter for the Wootton High School Boys Volleyball Community


2014 Preseason Information: Conditioning Schedule

Tryouts begin Saturday March 1, 2014

Conditioning sessions will take place after school (2:30) on the following days:
  • Tuesday, Feb. 18
  • Friday, Feb. 21
  • Monday, Feb. 24
  • Tuesday, Feb. 25
  • Thursday, Feb. 27

Meet outside the lower gym (inside the building).  Bring a water bottle.  Wear indoor clothing, but if the weather is dry, also bring outdoor clothing.  

Please bring your completed paperwork to Wootton Coed Coach Mary Malinauskas in Rm. 279 as soon as possible.  All handouts are available on the main page of the Wootton Athletics website under "Handouts".  In order to participate in the conditioning, you must bring a medical card and parent permission form at least; you might as well bring all your forms then! 

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