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Wootton Boys Volleyball Earns 2013 AVCA Team Academic Award

The Spring 2013 Wootton boys volleyball team has earned the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Team Academic Award.  We're one of only 23 high school boys teams to be honored with this national award for excellence in the classroom (a team GPA of 3.3 / 4.0 or above).

The AVCA press release is below. The list of schools receiving the award can be found on the AVCA website here:  http://www.avca.org/awards/team-academic-award/12-13-recipients/

This award and a memorable 15-0 championship season affirm the success of Wootton's athletic program, and the boys are fine examples of the student-athlete ideal.

Congratulations to:

Seniors: Justin Fowler, Aaron Krotman, Jeffrey Qiu, Charles Wang, Henry Zhou

Juniors: Cary Chin, Paul Malinauskas, Benjamin Wang

Sophomores: Ethan Frymark, Richard Hum, Adam  Kaplan, Mark Pang

Freshmen: Aleksander Psurek, Henry Shu, Justin Wu.



 August 7, 2013
 Lexington, Ky.


AVCA Breaks Another Record With 622 Teams Honored for Academic Excellence

Total overrides the previous mark of 536 schools set in 2011-12

LEXINGTON, Ky. (August 7, 2013) -  The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) announced today that 622 teams have earned the AVCA Team Academic Award for the 2012-2013 season.  This number once again breaks the previous year's total of 536 and sets a new all-time high for this award. 

The award, which was initiated in the 1992-93 academic year, honors collegiate and high school volleyball teams that displayed excellence in the classroom during the school year by maintaining at least a 3.30 cumulative team grade-point average on a 4.0 scale or a 4.10 cumulative team GPA on a 5.0 scale.

"Excellence doesn't happen by accident, either on the court or in the classroom," said AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer. "It takes consistent preparation, relentless effort, and determined leadership. A full year of academic achievement, by an entire team of individual students, is a remarkable achievement.  What better way to start a new season than with a celebration of an award so emblematic of all that is necessary for sustained success."    

The AVCA Team Academic Award has become one of the AVCA's fastest growing awards programs, seeing an impressive surge in teams honored over the past several years. Since the 2000-2001 season, the number of recipients has increased every single year but one, while amassing an overall 300% increase over the span of the last decade.  Since the award's inception in 1993, the amount of award winners has increased from 62 to its current number of 622.

NCAA Division I recorded their highest-ever total number of recipients, honoring 130 programs while Division II surpassed last year's record of 69 winners with 77 this year.  Division III also set a new record with 93 winners and the high school division increased their all-time high of 220 recipients to 253.  Finally, the NAIA set a new record with 46 winners garnering the award.

Prior to 2012-2013, only 16 teams had attained the pinnacle of volleyball success in both earning the AVCA Team Academic Award and winning their respective collegiate national championship in the same academic year.  This year, the AVCA is proud to recognize two programs who excelled in the classroom and on the court: Concordia University-St. Paul (NCAA Division II) and Clearwater Christian College (NCCAA Division II).

Over 1,000 different schools have earned the award in the program's 20-year history, with exactly 5,450 awards been given out in total.


DivisionNumber of RecipientsPercent Breakdown*
NCAA Division I Women13020.90%
NCAA Division II Women7712.38%
NCAA Division III Women9314.95%
NAIA Women + Men467.40%
Two-Year College162.57%
Four-Year Independent10.16%
NCAA Collegiate Men50.96%
High School (Girls and Boys)25340.05%
High School Girls229 
High school Boys23 
* Percentage is based on each category's breakdown of the total 2012-2013 Team Academic recipients.

You can find this year's list of recipients on our website by clicking HERE

2012-2013: 622
2011-12: 536
2010-11: 481
2009-10: 450
2008-09: 409
2007-08: 354
2006-07: 308
2005-06: 287
2004-05: 276
2003-04: 305
2002-03: 205
2001-02: 178
2000-01: 130
1999-00: 140
1998-99: 149
1997-98: 132
1996-97: 134
1995-96: 116
1994-95: 83
1993-94: 98
1992-93: 62

About AVCA
The AVCA, with its headquarters in Lexington, Ky., is managed by Associations International. The mission of the AVCA is to develop the sport of volleyball and its coaches. With a membership of over 6,000 and counting, the AVCA provides a professional network for those individuals and companies dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport. Members include collegiate, high school, club, youth and Olympic coaches, as well as volleyball club directors. The AVCA provides education to volleyball coaches, recognition of elite players and coaches, promotion of volleyball competitions throughout the world, and networking opportunities for volleyball products and services providers. Further information is available at www.avca.org.

David Portney
AVCA Manager of Media Relations & E-commerce


Team Volleyball Shoes: A Semifinal Story

After a Wootton point in the fourth set, Aaron turned toward the bench with a big smile and said "These shoes are GREAT!"

The player next to me on the bench, Mark, sat with his stocking feet square on the floor. He smiled, satisfied with the way things were going in the match. Blair had just called their second timeout with Wootton leading 14-8. During the timeout, Aaron kicked off his torn shoes and put Mark's shoes on. In essence, however, Mark had sacrificed his chance at playing for the rest of the match.

"Are you sure about giving up your shoes so readily, Mark" I said as we sat down.

Wootton was leading the match 2 sets to 1. Mark had been poised to come off the bench to play whenever and wherever we needed him. So were the rest of the players on the bench. Their role has been "We'll beat you in practice, and we'll have your back if needed against any opponent."

With the Wootton veterans on the court battling against a tough defensive team in a highly competitive match, coming off the bench is a tough role to play. They must be ready at all times, willing to assume a role that makes the team better AT THE MOMENT IT IS NEEDED MOST. That moment may or may not come, so that role is often filled with words of encouragement or serving as extra sets of eyes in scouting the other team and giving feedback between games and during timeouts.

Or, as the new standard is set, giving up their shoes.

"Aaron needs them more than I right now" responded Mark.

The 13-0 Wootton Patriots defeated Blair three sets to one (26-24, 25-20, 19-25, 25-16) to advance to the championship match against Richard Montgomery High School, also undefeated, on Tuesday, May 14. First serve is scheduled for 7 pm at Magruder High School.

The 2013 Patriots will be following in the footsteps of some very good Wootton teams from the past few years, but they will be leaving behind big shoes to fill for those that follow.


Patriots Top Barons, Advance to Semifinals

Wootton sweeps Bethesda-Chevy Chase 25-9, 25-10, 25-9.

A young, athletic and well coached 9-3 BCC Baron squad made the trip to Wootton on a rainy tuesday to face the 12-0 Patriots. Though soggy outside, the volleyball spirit inside the gym was not to be dampened. The Patriots are playing their best volleyball of the season while the Barons showed the promise of the next few years, fielding a team consisting of one senior and the remainder sophomores and freshmen. The BCC fans showed great support for their team....something we all appreciate in the volleyball community.

Seniors Justin Fowler, Henry Zhou, Charles Wang, Aaron Krotman and Jeffrey Qiu earned the privilege to play another home match on Thursday, April 9 in a 6 pm semifinal match against Blair. A bittersweet thought, however, as it will be this senior class' last match on Wootton's court. Joining them will be a talented group of Wootton underclassmen, led by juniors Paul Malinauskas, Cary Chin and Benjamin Wang.  Sophomores Mark Pang, Richard Hum, Ethan Frymark and Adam Kaplan have made remarkable progress in a short season. Freshmen Aleks Psurek, Henry Shu and Justin Wu have assumed specialized roles on a squad that has marched to a 13-0 record. Together, these players have earned the school's fifth consecutive boys volleyball semifinal.

Here are the results from the 2013 MCPS Boys Volleyball Quarterfinals:
#1 Wootton defeated #9 BCC 3 games to 0
#2 Richard Montgomery defeated #7 Quince Orchard 3 games to 1
#3 Sherwood defeated #6 Watkins Mill 3 games to 0
#4 Blair defeated #5 Clarksburg 3 games to 0

The MCPS Boys Volleyball Semi-Finals will take place as follows:
#4 Blair at #1 Wootton at 6PM
#3 Sherwood at #6 2 Richard Montgomery at TBA


MCPS Playoffs, First Round: Wootton Tops Springbrook 3-0

Patriots move to quarterfinals with 25-6, 25-3, 25-13 win.

Here are the first round results from the MCPS Boys Volleyball Playoffs:
#1 Wootton defeated #16 Springbrook 3 games to 0
#2 Richard Montgomery defeated #15 Einstein 3 games to 0
#3 Sherwood defeated #14 Blake 3 games to 0
#4 Blair defeated #13 Rockville 3 games to 0
#5 Clarksburg defeated #12 Northwood 3 games to 0
#6 Watkins Mill defeated #11 Churchill 3 games to 0
#7 Quince Orchard defeated #10 Wheaton 3 games to 1
#9 BCC defeated #8 Magruder 3 games to 2

The MCPS Boys Quarterfinals will take place on Tuesday May 7 as follows:
#9 BCC at #1 Wootton at 5:15
#7 Quince Orchard at #2 Richard Montgomery at 5:15
#6 Watkins Mill at #3 Sherwood at 7PM (Coed at 5:15)
#5 Clarksburg at #4 Blair time is TBA


Wootton Earns #1 Seed for Playoffs

Here is the seeding for the 2013 MCPS playoffs (with match record, set record):
#1-Wootton (11-0, 33-2)
#2-Richard Montgomery (11-0, 33-4)
#3-Sherwood (9-2, 28-7)
#4-Blair (9-2, 30-8)
#5 Clarksburg (9-2, 28-10)
#6 Watkins Mill (9-2, 28-11)
#7 Quince Orchard (8-3)
#8 Magruder (8-3)
#9 BCC (8-3)
#10 Wheaton (7-4, 25-12)
#11 Churchill (7-4, 23-17)
#12 Northwood (6-5)
#13 Rockville (5-6, 20-19)
#14 Blake (5-6, 20-24)
#15 Einstein (5-6, 16-23)
#16 Springbrook (4-7, 15-22)

The first round of playoffs will be on Thursday, May 2 with the following matchups:
#16 Springbrook at #1 Wootton at 7PM (Coed match at 5:15)
#15 Einstein at #2 Richard Montgomery (Time is TBA)
#14 Blake at #3 Sherwood at 7PM (coed match at 5:15)
#13 Rockville at #4 Blair at 5:30PM
#12 Northwood at #5 Clarksburg at 6PM
#11 Churchill at #6 Watkins Mill at 5:30PM
#10 Wheaton at #7 Quince Orchard at 7PM
#9 BCC at #8 Magruder at 6PM

Wootton Completes 11-0 Regular Season at Springbrook

Patriots top Blue Devils 25-13, 25-20, 25-16.

With the win, Wootton clinched the top seed for the playoffs and the privilege to play Springbrook again in the first round.


After Win, Wootton Pauses for Senior Moment

10-0 Patriots capture 25-15, 25-23, 25-15 win against Clarksburg.

Wootton's Senior Night showcased the talents of Henry Zhou, Charles Wang, Jeffrey Qiu, Aaron Krotman and Justin Fowler. On the court, the seniors led the Patriots to a victory over a gritty, talented and well-coached Coyote squad that is taking direct aim at the championship title. After the match was over, the seniors got big heads, but not because of the win....

Pictured here long with the seniors from Wootton's Coed Team, this talented group has compiled quite a record. Consider:
  • First-year senior Aaron Krotman has never lost a volleyball match.
  • Henry Zhou and Charles Wang have an impressive winning percentage of 95% (38-2) in their three years on the boys team, 
  • Jeffrey Qiu and Justin Fowler have never lost a regular season volleyball match in their four years on the boys team, advancing to the championship match twice and semifinals once.
  • Including its win against Clarksburg, Wootton's four year set record is 160-15 and match record is 53-3 (45-0 regular season, 8-3 playoffs). 
  • Wootton has won their Division Championship every year these seniors have played.
  • With one more regular season match to be played, Wootton is positioned to earn the school's fifth consecutive #1 seed in the playoffs.
This is a talented group of senior leaders with an impressive record earned on the court. And they now have big heads, though I can't think of a more humble group of young men who better represent their school, families and the volleyball community both on and off the court.

Wootton travels to Springbrook on Monday, April 29 to close out the 2013 regular season against the Blue Devils. First serve is scheduled for 5:15 pm.


Winning Memories at Gaithersburg

Patriots stop Trojans 25-16, 25-20, 25-14; Remain unbeaten with 9-0 record.

Approaching Gaithersburg High School from Frederick Road before the volleyball match on Wednesday offers a vignette of a place in transition from old to new.  In the place of what was once a parking lot is a new school building under construction, several stories high of brick walls and a prominent front entrance beginning to show its face amidst the surrounding dirt and tools of the construction trade.  Just beyond the new building, the 1951 building still functions as a school  (Gaithersburg High School as an institution goes back to 1904),

Inside the old gymnasium, banners and photographs on the wall give a history lesson on the school's success in athletics. The ceiling is pitched in the middle, running from wall to wall beyond the baselines of the basketball court. Exposed steel beams extend perpendicular to the roll-away bleachers across the court, and pendants hang from the ceiling with what seems to be seven or eight different color temperature medal halide lamps. Inevitably, at several times during a typical high school volleyball match, the ball careens with pinball-like action off the beams and pendants, though not on purpose.

This was the last high school volleyball match in that old gymnasium. It was Gaithersburg's Senior Night and the well-coached Trojans played with fire and heart and mustered up a good old fashioned fight against the Patriots under that pitched ceiling, those beams, pendant lights, banners, while standing  on a foundation of 62 years of tradition.

The Patriots are making a few memories of their own. Among the highlights:
  • All-County veterans Justin Fowler, Jeffrey Qiu, and Paul Malinauskas continue their stellar seasons. People notice them... for good reason. They have earned that.  
  • Senior veterans Henry Zhou and Charles Wang are making the point on the court that any talk about the county's top players is not complete if they are not mentioned as part of that discussion.
  • First year senior Aaron Krotman has completed his transition from running receiving routes on the football field to running a quick middle attack on the volleyball court. He also is learning to tie his shoes.
  • Wootton is working on improving it's vocabulary to break the huddle. It is not good. Please help.
  • Junior Ben Wang keeps the ball off the floor. 
  • Junior Cary Chin kept his chin up in a rare bench performance against Gaithersburg after being sidelined with an ankle injury. We anxiously await his return.
  • Sophomore Mark Pang hits the ball hard. And he is always ready to do so.
  • Sophomore Richard Hum can play middle. And leftside. And rightside. And backrow. He did all of that impressively. Oh, and he can also set. And start for the state championship soccer team. And start at point guard for the basketball team.
  • Sophomore 6'3" middle blocker Ethan Frymark made his debut as a setter in set 2. Stay tuned....
  • Sophomore Adam Kaplan is deceptively efficient as an opposite, and knows the right place to be in the back row, which, by formal definition, is where the volleyball is. His unique volleyball training with a hockey puck on ice with Wootton's hockey team must be his secret.
  • Freshmen Aleks Psurek, Hunry Shu, and Justin Wu are still freshmen, so words must be tempered lest they become sophomoric. About them: After the daily grind of facing everyone mentioned above in practice, they use their opportunities when the get court time on game day.
Wootton parted ways with the old gymnasium with a win and a few more memories. We'll look forward to playing in Gaithersburg's new gym in the future, where I'm certain a bunch of new banners will soon be hung on the walls...or from the ceiling rafters....or wherever volleyballs are sure to be flying.

Wootton's Senior Night will be held at it's next match--the last regular season home match--against a formidable Clarksburg team. First serve is at 5:15 pm.


Patriots Defend Home Court & Division Title Against Bulldogs

Wootton defeats Churchill 25-12, 25-14, 25-10.

Churchill brought a talented defensive team and a life-sized cardboard cutout of Sir Winston Churchill to the Wootton gym to challenge the home team's resolve. With a spirited Friday night crowd fanning a few emotions on edge, the stage was set for a volleybrawl showdown with the winner taking the MCPS division title.

Sir Winston Churchill would probably agree that true patriots stand tall in the face of adversity and defend their home turf. Patriot seniors Justin Fowler, Aaron Krotman, Jeffrey Qiu, Charles Wang and Henry Zhou stood tall, and took big leaps, to lead Wootton to victory. Juniors Paul Malinauskas, Cary Chin and Benjamin Wang were relentless in the Patriots' effort to crack the Churchill defense.  Sophomores Ethan Frymark, Richard Hum and Mark Pang reinforced the veterans' resolve with strong matches in the middle blocker and outside hitter positions. Freshman Henry Shu, Justin Wu and Aleks Psurek completed the Wootton phalanx to move the Patriots toward securing the school's fifth consecutive division title.

The Patriots take their 7-0 season record to Sherwood High School to face the very talented Warriors on Monday, April 22 at 5:15 pm.

OF NOTE: Congratulations to coach Mary Malinauskas and the Wootton Coed Volleyball Team on its division-title winning sweep of Churchill.


A Bus Trip Becomes a Bandwagon, Sorta

Patriots win at Blake 25-17, 25-13, 25-10; Win streak reaches 6.

The Wootton High School boys and coed volleyball teams are enjoying a winning streak lately. After their 3-0 win at Blake, the coeds sport a 5-1 record and are in the thick of another division title race. With the boys' win at Blake, they are now 6-0 and poised to earn the school's fifth consecutive division title should they win their next match at home against rival Churchill (disclaimer: not an easy task).

Is there a Wootton volleyball bandwagon? Maybe. At least, there was a bus.

Oh, bus rides are a bit more fun if a team is winning. The Wootton volleyball teams rode the bus to and from Blake feeling pretty good about the season so far. There was joking banter.  There were confident grins and loose temperaments. And for good reason.  The boys had reached the season's mid point during the second set of the Blake match and everything seemed to be working right.

There are fifteen players on the Wootton boys volleyball roster. Among them, a talented and veteran core, workhorse athletes, and emerging younger players that are developing as a unit that is more deeply skilled than at the start of the season. On the stat sheet, their individual productivity is measured as a set of +1, -1 or 0 rating for each touch on the ball.  Each of the fifteen Wootton players was statistically a plus in the match against Blake. This was the first match that the Patriots reached this statistical milestone. A bandwagon? At least, it is progress.

Leading the way were talented veteran seniors Justin Fowler, Jeffrey Qiu, Henry Zhou, and Charles Wang, along with first year senior phenom Aaron Krotman.  Juniors Paul Malinauskas, Cary Chin and Benjamin Wang added versatility and firepower. Sophomores Richard Hum, Mark Pang, Adam Kaplan and Ethan Frymark made productive use of their playing time. Freshman Henry Shu, Justin Wu and Aleks Psurek kept the wheels turning forward on the bandwagon -- er, um -- for a Wootton victory.

On bus ride home, Wootton celebrated and moved ahead of the traffic from the first half of the season. The second half of the season will be an uphill ride.

On Friday, April 19, the Wootton boys play at home against Churchill. First serve is scheduled for 5:15 pm.


Patriots Swing Big Against Walter Johnson

Patriots win at home against Wildcats 25-10, 25-15, 25-17.

Baseball Hall-of-Fame pitcher Walter Johnson enjoyed a sporting 21-year career with the Washington Senators, amassing strikeouts and shutout wins in record-setting numbers with his overpowering fastball.

On Monday evening, Wootton played ball with Walter Johnson, not the player but the high school named in his honor for his life of sportsmanship, gentility and service to Montgomery County, where Johnson retired after his baseball career ended.

The Wildcat volleyball team represented Walter Johnson well, but it was the Patriots who earned the shutout victory with overpowering hitting by Jeffrey Qiu, Henry Zhou, Paul Malinauskas, Charles Wang, Aaron Krotman, Richard Hum and Mark Pang. Ethan Frymark and Adam Kaplan contributed key blocks. Henry Shu added a spark with his agressive play coming off the bench. Benjamin Wang and Justin Wu steadied the Patriot back row.  Senior setter Justin Fowler delivered another all-everything performance directing the Patriot attack in sets one and two. Junior setter Cary Chin played the role of closer in set three to preserve the shutout for the Patriots.

Up next for Wootton is a division match at Blake High School (named for famous composer, lyricist and pianist James Hubert "Eubie" Blake), where the Patriots hope to fine-tune its team harmony..and all that jazz.  First serve is scheduled for 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 17.


Patriots' Production Not Just a Passing Performance Against Panthers

Wootton defeats Paint Branch 25-12, 25-14, 25-6

A starting lineup with one freshman (Henry Shu) and four sophomores (Richard Hum, Adam Kaplan, Ethan Frymark and Mark Pang) may keep a coach on the edge of the bench or pacing along the sidelines, but that was not the case in Wootton's inter-division match against Paint Branch. With junior Cary Chin taking on quarterback duties as setter and Benjamin Wang providing a spark with his back row play, the young Patriots stepped in the limelight and introduced themselves as the promising future of Wootton volleyball.

Scratch that. The young Patriots introduced themselves to the fans as the players who are talented to give the veteran Wootton players a challenge every day in practice....now.

Joining the young guys on the court for the first two sets was first year player Aaron Krotman, a senior who has worked his way from the football field to green volleyball player to red hot middle hitter to make an impact on Wootton's early season success. Hum and Pang were impressive on defense, passing and hitting on the left side. Frymark has showed remarkable progress as a first year middle hitter, while Shu has showed spots of brilliance in each of the essential skills. Kaplan has changed his hockey skates to court shoes and anchored the Patriots power play at the net and serving line. Chin took charge of running the offense with confidence earned from playing at a consistent high level.

Of note:  After a 5 point Panther run at the start of set two, the young Patriots rebounded with a high level of intensity--and fun--to close out the set with strong serving and hitting. Freshman Justin Wu joined in on the victory in the back row.

Wootton's veterans Justin Fowler, Jeffrey Qiu, Henry Zhou, Charles Wang, Ben Wang and Paul Malinauskas, along with Hum and Krotman, led the Patriots to victory in set three. Kaplan came off the bench to stick a few serves and freshman setter Wu and blocker Aleks Psurek closed out the match.

Though the Wootton veterans did not play as much, their impact was in full view as the younger guys displayed the skills and intensity they have picked up playing with and against talented veteran players every day in practice.

Wootton plays next at home against Walter Johnson in a division match-up on Monday, April 15. First serve is scheduled for 5:15 pm.


Courting Family & Solidarity at the Wootton-Rockville Volleyball Match

Sportsmanship wins on the volleyball court.

After the Wootton Patriots-Rockville Rams volleyball match at Rockville High School, Rams head coach Sean Pang took his brother Mark home.  Mark, a sophomore outside hitter for Wootton, had just played an impressive match serving and hitting against his older brother's team.  In my role as Wootton's coach for the past six years, I have a bit of perspective of what it's like to compete against, then go home with a member of my immediate family.

For three years my son Jacob played middle hitter for Wootton's rival Richard Montgomery High School. In the days leading up to the match, we would cautiously talk about how our season was progressing, though with an undertone of simmering competitiveness that made the Wootton-RM match that much more significant.  We had our allegiances to our own teams, but what about the rest of our family? Do they hope for a win-win? The final score does not allow that. Whom do you cheer for?

There is a simple answer:  You cheer for family.

Cheer for a competitive match. Cheer for good sportsmanship. Cheer for opportunities for growth and lessons learned. Cheer for individual and team performances edging closer to full potential.

Sean and Mark represented that ideal on the Rockville court on Wednesday evening. Coach Pang's Rams and Mark and his Wootton teammates competed well on the court.

A different family also played on the volleyball court on Wednesday evening in a show of solidarity and support after the sad news of Monday's passing of a fellow student-athlete. In our thoughts were the family, friends and classmates of Rockville lacrosse player Michelle Miller. That loss, stinging as it is, offered us perspective on the value of family, friends, and our fellow competitors.

Wootton won a volleyball match 25-10, 25-12, 25-17.  It was an opportunity to compete and grow and to learn a few lessons about volleyball and life. And, in a small but not insignificant way, sportsmanship edged family and solidarity closer to full potential.

The Patriots take their season record back to their home court for a Friday, April 12 match against Paint Branch. First serve is scheduled for 30 minutes after the end of the 5:15 pm coed match.


Wootton Makes a Splash at Poolesville

Patriots soar past Falcons, 25-3, 25-12, 25-16

"In fluid mechanics, a splash is a sudden disturbance to the otherwise quiescent free surface of a liquid (usually water). The disturbance is typically caused by a solid object suddenly hitting the surface." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splash_(fluid_mechanics)

The sudden disturbance on Poolesville's otherwise quiescent free surface gymnasium floor was the solid object of a volleyball put into motion by the force of mass and velocity supplied by Wootton's attackers.

How's that for a Wikipedia-referenced lead-in to a blog post? (groan).

Led by seniors Justin Fowler, Jeffrey Qiu, Henry Zhou and Arron Krotman, along with sophomore Richard Hum and juniors Paul Malinauskas, Cary Chin and Benjamin Wang, the Patriots took the first set by playing near error free volleyball. Several volleyball were crushed in a manner that seemed to leave "an expanding ring of disturbance propagating away from the impact site." (more Wikipedia-induced groaning is appropriate here)

Set two marked the return of senior middle hitter Charles Wang, who hobbled through preseason and missed the first match with an ankle injury. Freshman Henry Shu made his impressive high school debut with a high degree of hustle. Hum switched from middle to the outside, and Qiu showed his versatility on the court playing right side, replacing Malinauskas. Qiu and Malinauskas demonstrated Newton's Second Law of Motion (F=ma) by inflicting "the net external force on the volleyball equal to the mass of that body times its acceleration." (groan, then learn more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_(physics)). In other words, their smashes made more splashes.  Fowler ran the offense at a level above his all-county performance of last season.

Cary Chin took over setting duties in set three, with sophomores Adam Kaplan and Ethan Frymark making their season debut for the Patriots in the middle. Frymark and Kaplan created opportunities for themselves and teammates with aggressive play. Joining them were Shu on the outside and, in his debut, freshman Aleks Psurek on the right side. Veterans Qiu, Malinauskas and Ben Wang paced the Patriots before turning the set over to the younger players to close out the match. Chin provided capable leadership on the court by engaging all of the players in the offense.

With a nod to Newton's First Law of Motion, the Patriots hope to continue to move with constant velocity when they travel to Rockville High School on Wednesday, April 10 in a cross-town showdown with the Rams. First serve is 30 minutes after the end of the 5:15 pm coed match.


2013 Season Outlook

The Spring 2013 edition of the Wootton Patriot volleyball team features a roster of nine veterans and six newcomers. A solid nucleus of veteran players are expected to lead the Patriots during a competitive regular season with the goal toward making a successful playoff run. A promising group of newcomers will benefit from training with the veterans and gain the experience needed to compete with a growing number of well-coached and competitive MCPS boys volleyball programs.

Returning Players
All-County setter and fourth year senior Justin Fowler returns to direct the Patriot offense for the third year. Justin brings his considerable volleyball experience, work ethic and competitiveness to a team that   has benefited from his leadership skills in early season training sessions. Justin's skills as Wootton's "quarterback" were recognized by county coaches last year who collectively honored Justin as one of the two top vote-getters for the All-County team.

All-County outside hitter and fourth year senior Jeffrey Qiu follows a tradition of hard-hitting Wootton outside hitters and is expected to make major contributions on the left side. Qiu has the flexibility to play several positions and has shown considerable improvement in digging and serving during the past three years, and is a multi-dimensional threat for the Patriots. Expect Qiu to be a leader on the court this year.

Fourth year senior Henry Zhou is a big leaper with a quick swing that adds dimension and depth to Wootton's offense. Zhou played very well at critical moments last year and should be a steadying influence on the court this year. Zhou is an excellent, experienced all-around player and should not be underestimated by any opponent.

Third year senior Charles Wang has emerged as a top middle hitter in the county and, after a few years of hard work in the gym, is a considerable force for the Patriots on offense and defense. Wang has improved his passing and defensive skills to become a formidable player on this year's team.

All-County third year junior Paul Malinauskas is a top all-around player for the Patriots, playing setter, outside hitter, middle and also a primary passer as needed.  Malinauskas hits hard, and his veteran instincts make him an effective attacker from anywhere on the court. He will also see action as a setter. Expect opponents to focus on stopping Malinauskas. Expect Malinauskas to respond in a veteran way.

Third year junior utility player Cary Chin gives Wootton the flexibility to apply his skills where needed at any time. Chin sees action on the court as a secondary setter, defensive specialist, serving specialist and outside hitter. His skills make him valuable in the training gym, but expect Chin to see more court time as the season gets underway.

Third year junior Benjamin Wang was Wootton's top libero last season, and he returns as a stronger and more effective hitter not only in the front row, but also the back row. With his aggressive back row play and steady passing, Wang will be on the court more often than he is off.

Second year sophomore Richard Hum has the athletic ability to train at any position and, after learning Wootton's system as a freshman, is poised to make major contributions for the Patriots this season. His quickness, leaping ability, work ethic and competitive spirit swill pay dividends for Hum and his teammates.

Second year sophomore Mark Pang has worked hard during the off-season and has made dramatic improvements as an outside hitter and defensive player. Following in the footsteps of his older brothers (former Wootton players), Pang is ready to make a name for himself this season. Pang is challenging for court time as a left side hitter.

New Players
Senior Aaron Krotman was a wide receiver on Wootton's football team, and his athletic ability and desire to compete were clearly apparent during tryouts. Though learning the sport and Wootton's system for the first time, Krotman has shown a unique ability to not only learn technique but also to apply it on the court quickly. If early season training progress is any indication, Krotman will drive Wootton's will to compete this year.

Sophomores Ethan Frymark and Adam Kaplan bring size and athletic ability to team. Frymark is expected to train as a middle blocker while Kaplan (fresh off the ice hockey team) will train in both the middle and outside positions. The future is looking bright as they polish their volleyball skills.

Freshmen Aleksander Psorek, Henry Shu and Justin Wu are learning Wootton's system and have shown moments of brilliance in one or more aspects in early season workouts.  The freshmen trio will be working hard to solidify their ball-handling skills and are expected to benefit from training with a group of veteran players.


2013 Tryouts

Find required forms here >>

Tryouts for Spring Volleyball will begin Mar. 1 after school.  We will start collecting paperwork at the upper gym at 2:30.  Practice will begin when all participants have turned in forms. The tryout will conclude at 5 pm.
On Saturday, we will have tryouts but no cuts will be made that day.  The tryout period will be 10:00-noon.
Tryouts will continue on Monday, March 4, time 3:00-5:00. It is likely that cuts will be made at this tryout.
It is to your advantage if you can be at all three tryouts so that the coaches can evaluate you.  If you must miss a tryout day, please let the coaches know on the first day.
Please be sure to have all forms ready - you cannot tryout without a signed Medical Clearance Form and a parent permission form. The current  forms are available on the Wootton Athletics website or click here.  If you were on a Fall or Winter sports team, you have already turned in the Medical Form; please bring the parent permission form. 
If you have questions about tryouts, please contact John (Boys Coach) at johnhartranftvb@gmail.com or Mary (Coed Coach) in Rm. 279, or mmwvb@yahoo.com.