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Patriots Complete Season

Playing Rockville in the first round of the playoffs was a challenge the Patriots accepted with enthusiasm. Rockville's success this season put them near the top of the standings, but the Patriots were optimistic about their chances against the Rams, having just played them the week before.

On May 7, a 3-1 Rockville victory put the Patriots out of the playoffs and moved Rockville toward the championship match. However (from the 'Small Victories Department"), the Patriots were the only team to have taken a game from the Rams in the playoffs before they eventually lost the championship match to Sherwood.

Patriot seniors Max Hu, Sam Kim, Tim Kim, and Matt Jasnoff can be proud of leading the Patriots into the playoffs and through a season where Wootton was competitive with every team it faced. After the last match against Rockville, Sam gave a concise summary of the season that put everything into perspective. Sam said "I had fun."

So did I.

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