A Newsletter for the Wootton High School Boys Volleyball Community


Wootton Clinches Playoff Spot

Patriots finish regular season at 6-6; look to county playoff match on Wednesday, May 7.

One measure of Wootton's success early in the season was it's 5-1 match record. Though the second half of the regular season did not measure up to the first half in terms of wins and losses, the Patriots were able to learn more about how to compete in difficult situations.

With a playoff spot clinched, the Patriots began work on several modifications to its lineup to strengthen several key areas. The last two regular season matches against Blair and Rockville, though both 3-1 losses, gave the Patriots opportunities to think and play more strategically. Blair and Rockville are outstanding teams with seasoned setters and hard hitters, and certainly helped "school" the Wootton boys. We'll see how much was learned as the team prepares for the playoffs.

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