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Patriots' Resolve Earns 3-0 Win Over Colonels

Considered to be founding fathers of Montgomery County, Thomas Sprigg Wootton and Colonel Zadok Magruder were among a group of ten local patriots that met at Charles Hungerford's tavern on June 11, 1774 in what is now Rockville to pass the Hungerford Resolves. By signing the Resolves, Wootton and Maguder joined in a growing solidarity movement to resist British government policies in the colonies. Wootton's and Magruder's local contributions to the movement, along with similar acts across the colonies, eventually led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence two years later in 1776.

Following in their namesakes' footsteps (OK... that's a looooong stretch) the Wootton and Magruder High School boys volleyball teams met not in a tavern to resist tyranny, but in a gymnasium to keep volleyballs from hitting the floor. They met not out of solidarity for their fellow colonists suffering from the British blockade of the Boston Harbor, but to put up their own blocks against volleyballs spiked at 70 miles per hour. And the match would not lead to a Declaration of Independence, but a declaration of winner between the MCPS White Division Co-Champs (Magruder) and the Gold Division Champs (Wootton).

Thomas Sprigg Wootton's boys got the upper hand in this one over the Colonels, 25-11, 25-11, 25-10. This one is now in the history books (or blogosphere or online forum chatter). With the win, the Patriots improve to 8-0 on the season.

Next up, Wootton travels to face Paint Branch on Friday, April 23 in a 5:15 pm match (NOTE TIME CHANGE FROM 7PM).

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