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Patriots Go Across County, Down Gladiators 3-0

Wootton tops Northwood 25-3, 25-3, 25-10; Season record at 4-0

The pieces to Wootton's 2011 season puzzle are accounted for and in hand, but fitting them together in a coherent way to score high is a challenge that any Scrabble player can appreciate. If stacked with one or more high-value letters and an opportunity on the board for a triple letter/word score, try your best to match 'em up and rack up some major points. Knowing that Northwood is a well-coached team with good athletes, Wootton prepared for a battle in this Gold Division match-up. As the match began, the Patriots realized they were catching Northwood on a down day. No doubt, however, the Gladiators will bounce back and rack up points of their own as they move through the rest of their season. Good coaches and good athletes make sure of that.

For Wootton, the triple word score manifested as a three game sweep with each player seeing court time. Seniors Aaron Yee, Mark Yang and Eray Wang once again let the Patriots to victory with a strong supporting cast of five juniors, four sophomores and three freshmen. The pieces are in hand, yet completing the 2011 puzzle will continue to depend on how many high value pieces are in hand when the opportunities are presented.

The Patriots return home for another Gold Division match against rival Churchill on Friday, April 1, 2011 at 7 pm. There will be no fooling around when the Patriots and Bulldogs face each other across the net.

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