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A Bus Trip Becomes a Bandwagon, Sorta

Patriots win at Blake 25-17, 25-13, 25-10; Win streak reaches 6.

The Wootton High School boys and coed volleyball teams are enjoying a winning streak lately. After their 3-0 win at Blake, the coeds sport a 5-1 record and are in the thick of another division title race. With the boys' win at Blake, they are now 6-0 and poised to earn the school's fifth consecutive division title should they win their next match at home against rival Churchill (disclaimer: not an easy task).

Is there a Wootton volleyball bandwagon? Maybe. At least, there was a bus.

Oh, bus rides are a bit more fun if a team is winning. The Wootton volleyball teams rode the bus to and from Blake feeling pretty good about the season so far. There was joking banter.  There were confident grins and loose temperaments. And for good reason.  The boys had reached the season's mid point during the second set of the Blake match and everything seemed to be working right.

There are fifteen players on the Wootton boys volleyball roster. Among them, a talented and veteran core, workhorse athletes, and emerging younger players that are developing as a unit that is more deeply skilled than at the start of the season. On the stat sheet, their individual productivity is measured as a set of +1, -1 or 0 rating for each touch on the ball.  Each of the fifteen Wootton players was statistically a plus in the match against Blake. This was the first match that the Patriots reached this statistical milestone. A bandwagon? At least, it is progress.

Leading the way were talented veteran seniors Justin Fowler, Jeffrey Qiu, Henry Zhou, and Charles Wang, along with first year senior phenom Aaron Krotman.  Juniors Paul Malinauskas, Cary Chin and Benjamin Wang added versatility and firepower. Sophomores Richard Hum, Mark Pang, Adam Kaplan and Ethan Frymark made productive use of their playing time. Freshman Henry Shu, Justin Wu and Aleks Psurek kept the wheels turning forward on the bandwagon -- er, um -- for a Wootton victory.

On bus ride home, Wootton celebrated and moved ahead of the traffic from the first half of the season. The second half of the season will be an uphill ride.

On Friday, April 19, the Wootton boys play at home against Churchill. First serve is scheduled for 5:15 pm.

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